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You may have grown your business using general business software you can buy online or at any office store. And for a while, that may have been the right choice. Or perhaps you’ve upgraded to subscription-based software in the cloud (SaaS). That’s simpler to manage and can be very convenient.

But does that software fit your business?

Have you discovered that none of these packages really do everything you need to have done? Or you have different departments using specific programs that don’t talk to each other? Or your tech department is constantly dealing with updates, or incompatible files, or must create workarounds for out-of-date legacy systems?

Does your software support your business?

Today software drives productivity, supports customer interactions, and delivers the data you need to keep the business moving forward. Yet many businesses struggle with software systems that don’t fit their processes and workflows. Or their systems still demand tedious manual entry. Perhaps there are out-of-date legacy systems that house vital customer or patient data.

Software struggles can slow your productivity, reduce efficiency, frustrate customers and staff, and cost you a lot over time.

We’ve compiled this list of 8 ways custom software, made-to-order for your business and industry, can lower costs and improve effectiveness while increasing sales and profits.

Why use custom software instead of commercial off-the-shelf or cloud-based service?

  1. Lower costs
    Custom software can cost less than buying commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) solutions or using Software-as-a-Service (Saas) and hiring an internal team of engineers. With custom software, you own your code. And you can integrate new processes with legacy systems and databases.
  2. Improve your team’s efficiency
    As part of our initial analysis of your business and systems, we will precisely document where stress occurs within your current system, and why and where workflows slow. New workflows and methods are designed and built to speed-up daily processes and make vital data accessible and usable.
  3. Go from manual entry to a click
    No more double-entry. What’s been done by hand can be accomplished with a barcode scan or click. Replace complex spreadsheets with precise, behind-the-scenes rules engines. Get streamlined, centralized reporting.
  4. Reduce human error
    Human errors can be costly. Don’t overcharge or undercharge customers or fail to provide a needed service. We design and build your software for consistency and accuracy.
  5. Consolidate software systems
    Sum up all the software you use now—CRM, bookkeeping, email marketing, timeclock manager, project management, marketing, shipping, fulfillment, etc. When we combine your essential functions, you’ll pay only for the functionality you need and use, and they’ll all work together.
  6. Prevent security breaches
    Web portals provide a single point of login from anywhere there’s a connection. We protect users’ PII (Personal Identifiable Information) and build systems that comply with global regulations such as HIPAA, FDA, PCI DSS, and GDPR.
  7. Enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty
    Improve customer satisfaction and loyalty when you make it easy to do business with your organization. 90% of consumers expect businesses to offer a self-service portal. We’ll work with you to design a portal that’s easy and fast to use.
  8. Access anywhere on mobile
    Mobile-responsive portals work on every device. Salespeople can fulfill orders out in the field. Customers can place orders 24/7 no matter where they are or which device they’re using. Today’s world is mobile. Support your team and your customers when everything works on mobile.

If you're still unsure if custom software is the right choice for you, take our quiz to find out.

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And we’ve seen them discover huge savings over their previous software system. Result? Efficiency, consistent and reliable reports, streamlined code… and happy employees.

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