Staff Augmentation Solutions enhance your team's capabilities by integrating our skilled certified Software Engineers and/or UX/UI designers to accelerate your timeline and address any skill gaps in your team.

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When should you consider staff augmentation?

Limited internal resources

When you have projects that need extra man-power to meet deadlines partner with Buildable and our flexible team will help you get the job done.

Opportunity for parallel work

Allow Buildable to work on specific project aspects while your team focuses on other areas. By utilizing parallel work, you can expedite project completion without overextending your company's resources.

Scale up and scale down

Using Buildable can allow you to easily add resources or scale down your resources to meet your workload needs without long-term commitments.

Adding expertise to your team

Our team members have expertise in UI, UX, frontend, backend, databases, cloud architecture, business analysis, ideations, and more. If your project requires expertise outside of your team's core competencies, our developers can step in to fill those gaps and provide the necessary skills.

Buildable Expertise

UI/UX Services

Discovery: Ideation Exercises, User Interviews, User Profiles
User Experience: Workflows, User Personas
User Interface: Wireframes, High-fidelity Designs, Design Systems/Style Guides

Development Services

Acquire a team of experts to speed up your development projects. Whether you’re looking for Software Architecture, Senior Development, User Experience Design, or a combination of frontend and backend teams, Buildable has a solution for you. We also offer Testing and Quality Assurance Services.

Cloud/Architecture Services:

Our team has expertise in the major clouds (Azure, AWS, GCP) and can help your company with its cloud effort either by bringing your application to the cloud or modifying your existing cloud application so that it can run optimally and you can save on hosting costs.

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