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Project Skillset

We strive to learn as much as we can about your business, specific project needs, and your users (including your members and your employees) to craft experiences that will best serve the unique needs of your financial institution.

Here are some of the skills we’ve acquired over the course of working with financial institutions:

Core API Access

With our extensive experience and domain expertise in integrating backend systems, we’ve partnered with a company to offer Core API Access solutions tailored to the specific needs of credit unions, banks, and fintechs.

Security and Compliance

We’re experienced with building systems that protect member information and comply with strict security protocols including FDIC, NCUA, Equal Housing Lender, and the ADA.

Custom AI Solutions

Empowering Fintechs, credit unions, and banks, our software development and expertise specializes in crafting tailored AI solutions, guiding through strategic planning, and facilitating the seamless integration of advanced technologies to revolutionize financial institutions.

System Modernization

We have experience navigating legacy systems and developing strategies for modernization, as well as building for longevity and growth.

Integration Tools

We aid financial institutions with integration tools by crafting customized solutions that seamlessly connect disparate systems, streamline data flow, and enhance interoperability, thereby optimizing operational processes and fostering innovation.

Digital Transformation

We play a pivotal role in facilitating digital transformation for financial institutions by enabling the creation of innovative solutions that enhance operational efficiency, improve member experience, and increase agility to adapt to evolving market demands.

Financial Services Knowledge

Our understanding of financial services empowers our software development by ensuring compliance with industry regulations, addressing the specific needs of financial institutions, and delivering tailored solutions that enhance efficiency and security in financial processes.

Platform Agnostics

Our platform agnostic approach in software development enables seamless integration across diverse environments, ensuring compatibility and scalability while maximizing accessibility and flexibility for our clients' needs.

Creative Analysis

Creative Analysis and Out-of-Box Thinking

Unlocking innovation through creative analysis and inventive design thinking, our team crafts custom-made software solutions tailored to your financial institution's unique needs, driving efficiency, and fostering growth.

Our Own Financial Institution Software Strategist

Here at Buildable we have our very own financial institution software strategist, Brett Wooden. Brett is recognized as a thought leader in leveraging technology and software to revolutionize financial services. For the past 25 years, Brett’s strategic initiatives have driven innovation and advancement in software solutions tailored for financial institutions. He leads in identifying software needs, conceptualizing ideas, and refining components to enhance software features and functionality.

Before joining Buildable, Brett held pivotal roles within multiple credit unions across the country. He has been honored as the NW Credit Union Association’s Young Credit Union Professional of the Year and recognized as The Credit Union Times’ 40 and Under Trailblazer and Credit Union Magazine’s 2020 Rock Star.

Brett Wooden
Our Software Team

Our Custom Software Development Capabilities

All our software development services include project management from start to finish, with data visualizations, cloud hosting capabilities, scalability best practices, and business analysis tailorable for the unique needs of your financial institution.

Some of the ways we may be able to enhance your credit union, bank, or fintech include:


  • Digital Strategy Assessment & Development
  • Retail Strategy Assessment & Development
  • Project Management
  • Vendor Selection
  • Mergers
  • CUSO Development


  • Software Development
  • Technology/Fintech
  • Digital Strategies
  • Mobile Strategies
  • Retail Strategies
  • Branch Transformation
  • Leadership Development
  • Sales & Service Culture
  • Business Development & Marketing

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