We’re focused on results. Our collaborative approach, and Agile mindset.

Our passionate team comes together to deliver software solutions that help our clients reach their goals. We work alongside our clients to build exactly what they need to be more successful today.

We take the long view, architecting software and applications with staying power, so it works now and into the future.

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How We Work

Our Approach

The key to a successful software development project is client collaboration — that’s why we work so closely with ours to develop the solutions they need. From design to engineering to deployment, we’re together every step of the way, so when we go live, your team and your users have exactly what they need to be successful.

In everything we do, we balance front-end design and technical performance. The one cannot succeed if the other fails. Our engineering team is comprised of full-stack engineers with expertise in both UI and backend programming — wisdom they leverage every day to write code.

Every great piece of software has an equally awesome project manager. Each of our projects is run by a dedicated project manager who is focused on one thing: delivering the highest quality product possible, so that our clients succeed and their teams are happy. Overseeing a team of engineers and UX/UI programmers, the project manager acts as a liaison and ambassador for the project — ensuring your software does everything you need and more.

Two of the most essential aspects of software development are User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) design. How your site contributes to your users’ digital experience and how they interact with your buttons, forms, search forms, and more work together to create a holistic journey that defines how they feel about your company. Buildable has a team of UX/UI professionals whose sole purpose it is to create the most streamlined, useful, and aesthetically pleasing software.

While creating leading software solutions is our passion, building happy, healthy relationships with our clients is what drives us every day. Our team is large enough to make sure all your requirements are met but small enough to ensure every member is fully invested in your project’s success. Whenever you need us, we’re available in real-time — because we’re more than a vendor. We’re an integral part of your team.

The success of your software or application is our top priority. That’s why we hold weekly internal trainings to share knowledge, highlight best practices, and assess new technologies — ensuring we’re all adhering to the same standards of excellence.

A key element in our team’s QA strategy is continuous review of one another’s code. We are open and honest with one another about our work, so we can always build with our clients’ needs in mind. Our peer review process ensures imperfections never reach production, so our clients only receive our best work.

When it comes to building software, we never start from scratch. Utilizing templates written and refined over 20 years, we leverage common architecture patterns and combine them with top-tier production templates to set ourselves up for success from the start. With our database-first design approach — which ensures relationship integrity, database longevity, and model consistency — and our rapid prototyping tools, we can create lean, fast databases and production-ready applications in record time.

We employ a database-first design approach, building databases that are lean and fast. Specifically, we focus on developing for optimal data relationship integrity, database longevity, and model consistency. To put it simply, systems and data interact in a way that ensures your apps are scalable and perform the way they should: efficiently, securely, and error-free.

This approach is crucial for making a stable, nimble foundation for every piece of software we design. Our production-grown code generators connect databases and map data structure to code models, saving valuable time building reliable connectivity to the database while ensuring compile-time validation.

Precision is the key to writing great software. From how the code is written to how it’s spelled, we’re meticulous about every detail. Our databases and backend apps are built as diligently as our frontend app development, giving you a rock-solid foundation to go along with your beautiful interface — because your users need it all.

To simplify ongoing maintenance, we have strict coding conventions — down to punctuation — that ensure code legibility. Commas, periods, colons, underscores, spacing, case-sensitivity — all are standardized so the codebase is consistent, legible, and easily maintainable.

We use continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD), based on a specific Git instance for every project, large or small. This helps us control quality and traceability and to collaboratively ensure that each new line of code, version, or deployment is transparent and available to our entire team — and yours.

We have developed our toolkits and know-how around source control collaboration and deployment efficiency. The code we write goes onto staging servers every time it is updated, so we can test, learn, and ensure quality and integrity at every step of the development process — enabling you to continuously monitor progress.

Code automation, when used for database connectivity, user interface, and controllers, ensures that the codebase is consistent; so, engineers can focus on business logic (what the software needs to do) and not so much on infrastructure (plumbing).

Production-grown code automation. We've built automation that connects to databases and can map data structure to code models, which saves a significant amount of time building reliable connectivity infrastructure to the database and ensures compile-time validation of database connectivity — as opposed to runtime validation. Compile-time validation detects errors before the software can be built; runtime requires people to test the application to detect errors. To put it simply, compile-time checking is automated and fast; runtime is a manual, error-prone process.

Who we are

Our Process

To understand your needs, we need to understand you. We dive deep into your business and work closely with your team to make sure we’re hitting the mark at every stage of development. And even when the project is completed, we remain continuously collaborative — an ongoing effort that guarantees the best results for your business, now and into the future.

Onboarding and Discovery

  • Introductions & Weekly Meetings
  • Project Sprint Plan Review
  • UX/UI Style Guide & Design System
  • System Architecture

Deployment and Execution

  • UX/UI & Planning
  • Development
  • Testing/UAT/QA
  • Review
  • Deployment

Ongoing Enhancements

  • Continuous collaboration to enhance and perfect your product
  • Adapt your software for new devices, browsers, OS, etc.
  • Ongoing user training and support
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