This web application displays real-time data from multiple wells and allows comparison and analysis of data. We have also provided tracking of specified data points and have enabled alarms when data passes set thresholds.


The previous system was no longer supported by browsers and the new system needed to be mobile-friendly. We designed the new platform for the modern user by improving the accessibility and visual appeal of the web application.


Methods: annotated screens, high-fidelity mockups

With a fixed budget and timeline, we redesigned the previous system using available design tools and standards. We created annotated wireframes alongside our client, then made mockups for our engineering team, which helped bring our visual design ideas to life.

Pre-existing Product Screenshot with Annotations
High-Fidelity Mockup
New Product Screenshot

Architecture and Tech Stack

Methods: Angular SPA, HTML/CSS

We successfully built our system to support live-streaming of data by strategically designing our architecture and stack. Now the product runs seamlessly on all browsers and mobile devices.


This successful project was completed within the estimated timeline and budget, resulting in a happy client. We were able to deliver an amazing site with new features that the client really appreciated. The team conducted weekly standups to discuss the development process. They used project management tools to handle feedback and other requests.

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