The Heart Failure Mobile App is a health monitoring app that lets patients take control of their heart failure treatment. It integrates with smart health monitoring devices to visualize readings and insights for heart failure patients and their health providers. Patients now have a convenient way to monitor their health by tracking their vitals, medications, and health status from their mobile devices. The mobile app features alarms that remind patients to adhere to their medication, daily and bimonthly surveys to monitor the patient’s health status, and a way to view vitals over a period.


We wanted to create a way for heart failure patients to participate in their heart failure treatment more actively. However, when it comes to heart failure data there is an abundance of valuable information, which can be confusing and overwhelming for patients. This created the opportunity for Buildable to develop an app that organizes patients’ heart failure data clearly and coherently.


Methods: user flows, wireframes, high-fidelity prototypes

This mobile app is intended to be used as a study on Heart Failure. This app caters to heart failure patients with an easy-to-use user interface while also supporting health providers by giving them access to patients’ heart failure data.

Design Challenge & Process

This client created a set of workflow documents that were used to determine the scope of the app's functionality. Buildable then worked with them to prioritize information, establish user flows, and determine the MVP that would best serve Heart Failure patients. Next, we worked through an iterative prototyping process with the client to reach a final design and development strategy for the app.

Architecture and Tech Stack


  • Backend: .NET Core, Entity Framework, LINQ, MSSQL Server
  • Admin Panel: Angular, Typescript, Bootstrap, ReactiveX, HTML, CSS/SCSS
  • Mobile Application: Flutter

Integrations: Omron Connect App

The Heart Failure Mobile App uses a medication algorithm to streamline the titration decisions for providers. The app tracks the patient’s medications, blood pressure results, and self-reported symptoms then uses these factors to recommend medication changes.

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