This web application enables healthcare providers to gain insights and medication recommendations for hypertension treatment based on patient health data. This portal is integrated with Epic, which allows automatic upload of patient vitals and lab data. Patient health data is used in an algorithm that generates medication recommendations to help healthcare providers prescribe medical treatment. These medication recommendations are delivered both in-app and in Epic, with components designed to integrate seamlessly with both. This portal implements strict patient data management policies and user role permissions in adherence with HIPAA guidelines. This portal empowers healthcare providers with medical treatment insights by visualizing patient health data and providing medication recommendations.


Medical treatment for hypertension can vary widely depending on patient health data. Healthcare providers treating patients with hypertension must prescribe medications and doses based on a variety of factors such as vitals and labs. Providers need to be hyperaware of their patients' health responses to medications and make quick changes to their medical treatment when necessary. This gave Buildable the opportunity to build an algorithm that provides medication recommendations using patient health data and standard best practices for hypertension treatment from the medical community.


Methods: User Interviews, Wireframes, Hifis

The app caters to healthcare professionals by designing interactions to be fast and reminiscent of the software tools that healthcare providers use daily. We designed this web application while adhering to multiple guidelines and regulations.

Hypertension Provider Dashboard
Hypertension Medication Recommendation
Hypertension Contact Wireframe

Design Challenge & Process

Buildable conducted interviews with our primary users which allowed us to make smart assumptions about the requirements for the app. From that we established an MVP that would work best for the client’s business goals. We took a deep dive into our client’s brand guidelines to determine the ideal colors, typography, tone, etc., for the web application. We also factored in HIPAA guidelines by designing an automatic timeout when inactive for a certain amount of time, hereby preventing unauthorized viewers.

Architecture and Tech Stack

Methods: .NET Core, Entity Framework, LINQ, MSSQL Server

Integrations: Epic, Redox, Omron


This platform went live in April 2022.

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