This subscription-based web app offers customers a variety of services related to land investment and provides an interface for staff users to manage customer requests for white-glove services exterior to the platform. Secure payment processing and integration with a large property database allow the web app to fit neatly into the workflow of land investors.


The land investment space is plagued by aging technologies and data. Being a land investor has meant performing most business tasks manually and with a disjointed myriad of digital and physical tools. This industry-wide problem created the opportunity for a new way to deal in land investment and our expertise allowed our clients to seize that opportunity.


Methods: business modeling, user research, wireframes

Launching a novel product requires a clear vision and a competitive advantage over existing technologies. We built this platform to be a strong competitor in the real estate investment industry by refining our business requirements and designing specifically to fulfill those requirements.

Land Investment Platform BMC
Land Investment Platform Wireframe 2
Land Investment Platform Wireframe 3

Design Challenge & Process

This project came to us as a startup idea. Our client had drafted some wireframes and a Business Requirements Document (BRD) and we began our relationship by digging into those artifacts. We employed a user-centered design process that included interviews with subject matter experts and iterative wireframing.

Architecture and Tech Stack

Methods: .NET Core, Angular, jQuery, ReactiveX, Bootstrap, Entity Framework, C#, LINQ, TypeScript, SQL, HTML, CSS/SCSS, JSON, SQL Server, Linux

Integrations: Stripe, DataTree

The customer experience of the LandEval platform is centered around wizards. Users engage in a step-by-step process to take property data from a spreadsheet and turn it into a property listing or purchase requests. The application integrates with DataTree, which allows customers to find properties and export them into an Excel spreadsheet. Our client's custom data-scrubbing algorithm takes Excel or CSV spreadsheet data and removes unwanted properties based on user configurations. This process streamlines a large amount of property data into a highly focused, usable dataset. Buildable used Stripe to create subscriptions, giving customers selective access to features and certain in-app benefits based on their chosen subscription tier.


This platform went live in April 2022.

  • Distributes Real Estate Listings Faster than Any Other Available Platform
  • Centralized Data Solution
  • Supports Multiple Subscription Tiers and Roles

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