ChatGPT Integration

We're excited to offer our clients the latest in AI technology with ChatGPT by OpenAI. We can help you: search your data with ChatGPT, filter ChatGPT output, secure your data robust API audits, enable live-like chat on your website or app, and implement cost savings.

What is ChatGPT?

It is an AI model that can understand a question and formulate human-like responses with a high degree of reliability. You can learn more at ChatGPT is most powerful when supplemented with real data that can be questioned with natural language.

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What is natural language processing?

Well, this means using a normal sentence to query for information. For example, “Can you give me my last three years of sales broken down by quarter?” ChatGPT can be pointed at your dataset and provide answers as detailed as required, even presenting the information in a visually appealing graph format.

How does Buildable use ChatGPT?

At Buildable, we're using ChatGPT to allow our clients to gain invaluable insights into their datasets without having to develop costly data reporting or costly data visualization solutions. Instead ChatGPT is used to execute complicated queries and provide the answers that our clients are looking for.

Here are just a few of the ways we're leveraging ChatGPT to better serve you

Search your data with ChatGPT

With it, we can add to or modify your existing APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) so that they can be integrated with the ChatGPT plugins and allow your data to be searched. Results can be easily refined using normal English language and presented in text, Excel, or even in a graph format.

Filter ChatGPT output

Ensure HIPAA compliance and protect PHI (Protected Health Information) and PII (Personal Identifiable Information). One thing that ChatGPT may do is provide too much information, for example personal information, which needs to be filtered to protect users’ privacy. We can help by implementing ChatGPT’s API on your data and filtering its output (censoring).

Secure your data with robust API audits

Our API audit and secure API measures will safeguard your data, prevent information leaks, and block ChatGPT from accessing sensitive information. For example, a custom report could be returning too much internal sales information to users. We can prevent that from happening with our careful auditing process.

Enable live-like chat on your website or app

Integrate ChatGPT into your app by allowing it to search your knowledge base and other information specific to your users. For example, account information, past orders, FAQs, billing history, etc. You can allow users to chat with your organization and get the answers they are looking for before they engage with a customer service representative. We can help you add that live-like chat functionality.

Cost savings

By using ChatGPT you may need less infrastructure and less people to accomplish certain tasks. Some endeavors or projects that would require too much manpower, too much money, or too much technology for you to implement will cost less and may now be possible. We can help you identify opportunities and use cases where ChatGPT can help.

At Buildable, we're committed to providing our clients with the latest in AI technology. As a ChatGPT integrator, and API and plugin developer, we can help you extract more efficiency out of your existing infrastructure and enhance your user experience.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you leverage ChatGPT for your business.

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