We are a software development agency

making web, mobile and enterprise applications.

Our focus is helping organizations meet their digital objectives 
for web, mobile, cloud, desktop, or enterprise-wide effort, 
in an agile process to meet users' demands.

We are builders and innovators who think out of the box and make your visions come alive.

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Experts in UX / UI, Full Stack, C# / .NET / ASP.NET, PHP / Laravel, Python, 
NodeJS, TypeScript, JavaScript and Angular / React / Vue / Xamarin.

We’re Buildable.

We plan, design, engineer, test, refine, and deliver software custom-built for you, your business and your goals.

Sit down with our exceptional people when you’re ready to


Abolish clunky workarounds for software that doesn't fit


Gain confidence knowing your systems are protected



Combine applications into one effective, easy-access system


Scale fast with no snags with our open APIs and flexible code

We’ll deliver smart, scalable, stable systems.

Business Analysis

An initial audit pinpoints where custom software can streamline workflows, accelerate sales, and boost profits.

Web Applications

Mobile-friendly and secure web applications for self-service customer portals and access to reports.

Mobile Applications

Do business anywhere—collect data, connect with customers, and manage systems from your phone.

Desktop Applications

Desktop workspaces integrate with Windows applications or apps like Quickbooks and Outlook.

Web Services

Connect systems together—ASP.NET or open source web stacks hosted on-premise or in the cloud.

Background Services

Powerful backend processing capabilities bridge gaps between applications and expand functionality.

Expect a winning mix of Agile project management, solid support, and true partnership to accelerate your business.

Samples of Our Work

We’re a professional team of passionate people who think, collaborate, and problem solve together every day. We evolve with new technology, embrace challenges, and adapt to any situation, partnering with companies to keep them competent, competitive, and current in fashion and structure.

Enterprise Risk Management

Oregon’s cities and counties and Virginia’s government association for risk-sharing combined efforts to create an Enterprise Risk Management system to gather data and help walk their constituents through the decision-making process.

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Healthcare Provider Portal

This project is both an internal portal and customer-facing provider portal for an international laboratory testing company. As this company was experiencing exponential growth, it had outgrown its legacy software. Buildable first integrated with the legacy system, then rebuilt the customer-facing provider portal, and continues to build out the custom platform for all aspects of the enterprise management.

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Admin Dashboard

Secure Web Portal for a Medical Neuro-Technology Company

Our firm has been developing a complex web portal for BrainScope, a medical neuro-technology company. Because BrainScope is bound to FDA and HIPPA regulations, security and privacy are of utmost...

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The Buildable Blog

Keep your company growing with news from Buildable.

Buildable is "Extremely Professional and Timely" According to Our Latest Client Review

By The Buildable Team

Believe it or not, most websites will only last your company about two years. In order to remain competitive in a constantly changing tech landscape, professionals in the digital world must know the latest ...

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Custom Software—Is It the Right Choice for You? 8 Ways Custom Software Can Help Your Business and Your Bottom Line

By Kelly Navari

You may have grown your business using general business software you can buy online or at any office store. And for a while, that may have been the right choice. Or perhaps you’ve upgraded to subscription-based ...

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Solve These Struggles With Smart Software

By The Buildable Team

Your company’s software footprint could include a combination of off-the-shelf software, perhaps bought for specific functions or departments. Or you may use subscription-based software in the cloud—also ...

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"They were never afraid to show me their code, so I could always see what they were working on."

Adolf Valdez
Precision Analytical Inc.

"I found the best thing I liked about them is their communication. We were never left in the dark, like with other development companies."

Adolf Valdez
Precision Analytical Inc.

"Everybody here is more excited about the look and feel and being able to finally get live data. With the old system, we had to export text files and it always took a day. We're all excited to have something new, fresh, and with more functionality. The reports are more dynamic, and we can actually scale them."

Adolf Valdez
Precision Analytical Inc.

"Buildable Custom Software has people on our calls that are dedicated to our project, which is something we have not experienced before. Unlike past vendors that have experienced a lot of staff turnover, we have had the same team."

Josh Jones
CityCounty Insurance Services

"We haven't found many other vendors that can understand our unique business needs as well as Buildable Custom Software."

Josh Jones
CityCounty Insurance Services

"We have a rules engine that has hundreds of lines of code to develop these rates, and Buildable Custom Software condensed that down to seven or eight lines of code, and it works great."

Josh Jones
CityCounty Insurance Services

"The project manager puts the contract together and outlines what we're doing each sprint. She does an excellent job of organizing everything we need."

Josh Jones
CityCounty Insurance Services

"Buildable Custom Software has done a great job of understanding what our needs are."

Josh Jones
CityCounty Insurance Services

"They blew us out of the water with their proposal. They featured the latest and greatest software, and we were impressed by their past work."

Josh Jones
CityCounty Insurance Services

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