Eclipse and PlanSwift Integration

PlanSwift and Eclipse Logos with Plugin Graphic


Consolidated Supply Company asked us to build a plug-in for connecting a desktop visual quoting application in the construction industry (PlanSwift) to an ERP platform (Eclipse), in order to fetch live pricing so quotes would be accurate and to upload final quotes back to the ERP. The challenge was to build a layer interfacing with COM to a Rest API. The solution was to build a .net stand-alone program that could access COM objects through the win32 APIs and use normal .net HTTP classes to connect to the Rest API.

Applications and Features

The plug-in is a standalone process installed on the workstation, that can be installed via an MSI, fetch configuration over the network, provided complex item search, tight integration with Planswift internal structure, pricing updates, office branch selection, and upload of quotes to the ERP.


Business analysis, workflow diagramming, project management, vendor discovery, documentation research, programming, delivery

Tech Stack

C#/Net on Windows. Using COM interop, JSON, Http and sockets, LINQ, file system, and logging.

Graphic showing the integration of PlanSwift and Eclipse


"The discovery phase was great. That was definitely helpful because we discovered areas that we hadn’t thought through and then made those decisions upfront. The product works well, and we’re happy.

They quickly understood our problem and then created a design to solve it.

We had weekly standup meetings when we talked about progress and answered questions. That cadence worked well, and the project was on time and budget.

Their team’s competent. They quickly understood our problem and then created a design to solve it. Buildable was quick and waited on us to provide our deliverables. The code was solid, and their team conducted good QA"

Rod Sanders

Director of IT and Marketing

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