Priest and Parish Survey Collection

Computer with CLI software application


This internal and customer-facing portal for a religious non-profit organization collects surveys from church leaders and compiles results into comprehensive, visual priest and parish profiles. These profiles give guidance to these leaders by celebrating their strengths and identifying opportunities for growth with informative data visualizations. In this first phase of a multi-phase project, Buildable built a system to manage surveys with dynamic layouts and dependencies.

These surveys are then distributed to collect answers from priests, their peers, and parish leaders. System administrators are able to customize email templates, which are delivered based on client-defined communication rules, and report on survey collection progress within the portal to aid in customer success operations.

Applications and Features

Secure Priest Portal with complex login rules (for a system administrator, leadership consultant, diocesan leader, parish leader, and priest users) and validated public access points. Survey Builder, Survey Collection, Visual Reporting, Data Mining, and Data Matching, Advanced Filtering, CSV & JSON Exports, Single Sign-On, Content Editor, Email Template Management, Task Scheduler, Roles & Permissions Management, System Changelog, CRM


Business Analysis, Systems Analysis, Product Management, Database Architecture & Design, Frontend and Backend Development, UX/UI Design, IT Services, QA/Testing, Deployment, Maintenance

Tech Stack

.NET Core, C#, Angular, RxJS, TypeScript, HTML, Bootstrap, CSS/SCSS, Entity Framework, LINQ, SQL, SQL Server, JSON, Linux, Amazon Web Services, Shell Scripts


Infor Talent Science, SendGrid, ZeroBounce, OAuth, AWS


"The project manager puts the contract together and outlines what we're doing each sprint. She does an excellent job of organizing everything we need. I have been leading I.T. departments for over 30 years and you will not find a developer better than this anywhere.

We interviewed over 50 vendors in the selection process. Buildable displayed a high level of understanding, a great resume of previous project work, and understood the challenges that we would face, and provided us with great insight, options, and direction to move forward with them.

Buildable came and saved our organization from a software developer that over-promised and under-delivered. Buildable came in and ran with the project where our organization had to try to keep up with them. They met every milestone for the software project and continue to impress with every new challenge we present them. We have not missed a deliverable even though Buildable came into the project at a reduced timeline for delivery. It is a testament to how well a company is run by its ability to meet adversity in tight deadlines and to be able to deliver on those commitments."

Joseph Tran

Director of Technology
Catholic Leadership Institute

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