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Finding the right software partner is everything.

Buildable wants to be your partner in growth.

Why choose Buildable for your custom software?

We utilize proven cutting-edge technologies to take your business to the next level and ensure the longevity of each project.

Tailor-Made Solutions
Our software solutions integrate your preferred tools and are customized to your team’s unique workflows.

Predictable Pricing
Our predictable and flexible pricing allows your company to build at a pace and price that is manageable.

Onsite Developers
We always recruit and expand our talent organically and locally, here in the US.

First-Class Service
Our customer service and commitment to excellence are paramount. We strive for perfection in communication and our customers feel like we’re part of their team.


Our Services

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Web Applications

Streamline your organization, run reports, deploy self-service customer portals, and do more with our responsive (mobile-friendly) and secure web applications.

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Mobile Applications

Take your business anywhere. Buildable mobile apps are built to collect data, interact with customers, and manage your systems on-the-go. Whenever and wherever, a mobile app delivers a streamlined experience on a phone.

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Background Services

Built for Windows and Linux, and bringing in custom third-party web services, Buildable can bring powerful backend processing capabilities to your business. We will bridge the gaps between proprietary applications and expand their functionality.

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Web Services

Connect systems together. Buildable™ web services are built using ASP.net or open source web stacks and can be hosted on-premise or in the cloud.

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Desktop Applications

We build sophisticated workspaces to suit your business needs, with integrations from native Windows applications to third party apps like Quickbooks and Outlook.

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Business Analyst Services

Discover how your organization can benefit from software. A Buildable™ audit will target points to improve and describe how to make your business processes more efficient and streamlined. Expose bottlenecks, increase efficiencies, and boost profits.

How it works – Process and Pricing

Our Agile Development Process

Within our process, requirements and solutions evolve through the collaborative efforts of self-organizing, cross-functional teams, and the end users. Our agile process advocates adaptive planning, early delivery, continual improvement, and encourages a flexible response to change.

We Develop and Bill in Sprints

A sprint is a set period of time (usually 2-4 weeks) during which specific work has to be completed and made ready for review. Each sprint begins with a planning meeting where the product owner (you) and the development team agree upon exactly what will be accomplished during the sprint.

Flexible Billing by Sprint

You determine the pace. Our cost per developer does not vary. If your project requires a tight turn-around, we ramp-up the number of developers. If you prefer to reduce the cost per month, we can stretch sprints over time and limit to 1 developer.

Our Always Predictable Pricing

Our pricing is very straight-forward. Every sprint will require at least one developer at $125/hr + 15% for project management and 20% in ongoing support and maintenance. Additional services in extended QA and documentation are also available.

Common Uses For Our Software

  • Accounting Services
  • Customer Portals
  • Customer Relationship Manager (CRM)
  • Content Management Systems (CMS)
  • Data Collection
  • Database Review
  • E-Commerce
  • ERP Systems
  • Fileshares
  • Forms
  • Human Resources
  • Inventory Management
  • Issue Tracker
  • Lead Retrieval Systems
  • Membership Websites
  • Quoting & Invoicing
  • Complex Reporting
  • Sales & Marketing Portals
  • Shipping/Receiving
  • Start-Up Development
  • System Upgrades
  • Timesheets / Payroll
  • Workflows

Our Tools, Our Expertise

LanguagesC#, Java, JavaScript, TypeScript, PHP, SQL, Shell scripts
FrameworksWPF, Reactive, LINQ, ASP.NET, Entity, Struts, Hibernate, Angular, jQuery
Data FormatsJSON, XML, HTML, CSV
DatabasesSQL Server, MariaDB, MySQL, SQLite, Oracle, PostgreSQL
Operating SystemsWindows, Linux (CentOS, Ubuntu, FreeBSD), Android, iOS
CloudsAmazon AWS, Azure
Dev ToolsVisual Studio, Eclipse, Xamarin, Git, Jira, Basecamp

7 Steps of the Software Development Life Cycle


Pre-project consulting. Plan. Determine the budget, team, pace. Research and de-risk.


Analysis. Understanding users. Maximize the ROI. Multi-platform strategy. Security and scalability roadmaps.


Design graphics, wireframes, workflow, plan layout, UX, storyboarding.


Prototype, system integration, construction, development, install server, create and test source code.


Rigorous quality assurance tests on the system in parallel to the programming process.


Deployment checklist, training, marketing. Security procedures, SEO, deliver for immediate ROI.


Maintenance for long-term success, monitoring, security, optimization and evolutions.

1. Introduction
2. Discovery
3. Design
4. Implementation
5. QA / Testing
6. Launch
7. Support
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